Fly Fish-Algoma: Where Animal Footprints Still Out Number Human Footprints

Sang and I had been swinging for steelhead for days now in the Rapids and we were getting some great numbers and also some beautiful big fish but for some reason we were not satisfied.  It seems that there is this point that I get to when steelhead season is coming to an end and I subconsciously start looking for something to fill that void or maybe it is just the fact that I am on the same river for days on end and I just need some new scenery.  Being that I am a trout bum I am truly blessed to live in Northern Ontario and have an abundance of lakes and rivers that have some great brook trout and rainbow trout as well.  So Sang and I headed out looking for a new stretch of river, with only a 4wt rod and dry flies!


Welcome to On the Fly Fishing Company

We are a fly only guiding company operating on the St. Mary’s Rapids in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada as well as many other river tributaries on Lake Superior. We have developed a niche for providing our clients with first class fishing from some of the best fly fishing guides available in the Northern Ontario. We provide both single and double hand fly fishing techniques for steelhead, salmon and trout.

Our extensive knowledge of the local rivers and the fish that live in them ensures you will be provided with the best possible fly fishing experience possible. Our expertise lies in the simple fact that we live here and fish here. On The Fly Fishing Co. is lucky to not only be able to walk and wade the St. Mary’s River but also a handful of rivers that make up the Lake Superior River tributary.

If fishing the big water of the St. Mary’s River is not what you want or you want to get away further out of town, then one of our custom trips into Lake Superior Provincial Park maybe something to inquire about. Whether it be a walk and wade the Sand River or Agawa River or you may be looking for a float trip down one of these spectacular rivers we can accommodate any of these request. There are also several different canoe routes for flat water paddling and fishing for Trophy Brook Trout that may interest you.

Call today to inquire about these great adventures with a guide that knows these rivers and lakes as if it were his back yard.

The St. Mary’s Rapids – The World’s Best Kept Secret, Until Now

With the of Steelhead season coming to an end, you would think that I would be going through a grieving process as many do when they have to
say good-bye to something they love so much! But on to the Atlantics!

This year’s steelhead season seemed like it would never end but the one thing we forget so easily is that this year’s run was held back by a couple of weeks due to colder then usual water. As we still catch the odd fall back steelhead and a few resident rainbow, we are now bitten with the Atlantic Salmon Bug.

It still amazes me to think that in Algoma Country, the middle of Ontario we have not only an amazing fisheries, but we are also blessed to be able to catch so many different species of anadromous fish all in the same river.